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Music With Strangers – The Originals

Start 20:00 uur • Door: 3,-

expats uit 25 landen in een georganiseerde uitwisseling

“Wanneer muzikanten uit 25 landen over heel de wereld bijeenkomen in een georganiseerde uitwisseling van inspiratie, moet er wel iets magisch gebeuren. (…) Laat je meeslepen door deze mengelmoes van culturen; een eigen interpretatie van pop en rock muziek. Laat je door de klanken meevoeren de muziek in, laat de stemmen dansen in je hoofd en laat het ritme meeslaan met je hart.” – Groot Eindhoven, November 2016

Come and listen to 5 great bands formed within ‘Music With Strangers’. These expats bands perform their original songs on stage. It will be the first public release for many of those tunes. You won’t be disappointed!

The Cunning Stunts
> Jazz club, Singer Songwriter, Soul
Qan Project
> Punk, New Wave, Indie, Folk
The Trip Voyagers
> Progressive & Psychedelic Funk Rock (Jam)
> Rock
Jet Lag Johnny
> Punk, Rock, Metalcore

The Cunning Stunts

The Cunning Stunts blend the voices of three strong, sassy women from three different cultural backgrounds; the result is a beautiful sound that can move from intimate jazz club, to melancholy singer songwriter, to joyful, foot tapping soul. Instrumentation is fluid, depending upon the song, but the constant is the connection of the three voices and the connection between The Stunts themselves, and the intimacy they create between themselves and the audience. They make covers their own, interpreting in their unique, creative style. Their original numbers speak of life, love and everything in between; real life experienced by these three spirited and witty women.

Qan Project

In a day and age where ads and image are becoming more real than the actual product, Qan Project feels a certain reluctance towards the superficial and smooth. This slight disdain for prefabricated images and messages without any real substance is at the core of their no la-la-la attitude and inspired their lyrics, sometimes surreal, sometimes outspoken, but always brought to life with catchy rhythms and melodies. Their songs, ranging from punk, new wave, indie to folk, never fail to bring a spark, spirit and energy that you really have to see and feel to believe.

The Trip Voyagers

Formed in 2016, The Trip Voyagers explores the horizons of space, the continuum of time and the things in between and beyond. We do believe in depression as much as we believe in the creative value of life ass a hole, a well of inspiration, transpiration and mouldy water.
Repetitive rhythms turn us on… Repetitive rhythms turn us on… Repetitive rhythms turn us on… Just as funk, progressive rock and psychedelic doom do. And we NEVER said we are a delicious jam band.


Rock band ‘Paardenfokker’ (Horse breeder) sets about assembling eclectic riffs, melodies and unregulated noise into a catalogue of punchy anthems. Some songs tend to conjure up hypotheticals such as: if Jimmy Page got stuck in an elevator with Tom Morello, John Bonham and a mountain pleasure pony, what songs would they write? The answer can be clearly heard during one of Paardenfokker’s energetic sets. Prepare to be thrilled, confused, surprised and intrigued all at the same time. Inducing these emotions is the real quest of Paardenfokker.

Jet Lag Johnny

Energy, catchy riffs, and drive. This is what Jet Lag Johnny is made of. Like band members who gathered from all over the world, music of Jet Lag Johnny combines influence of various genres. Take punk, add some art rock mood, put it on top of metalcore riffs, and spice everything with breakdowns, and you still will lack something. What is this? You can come to Altstadt on 16th of April to find this out!